Friday, October 10, 2008

who is pikon?

There is an ongoing discussion whether we Filipinos are pikon (visit )

Amgreen has recently posted a blog entitled "Are Pinoys pikon?" Some of us shared our opinion. Others opted to keep silent. And there was someone who took it to the next level and played Freud. She said, I truly believe how we take someones words also, has a lot to do with our own self esteem. From pikon to self-esteem.

Perhaps, people sometimes forget that what we say, observe, and write.... are just quick snapshots of what we think. It is NOT who we truly are deep down inside. Therefore, a blog is just a blog. I write here about the things that call my attention. It doesn't bear a simple label. It doesn't mean I am full of hatred, or that I'm stupid enough not to see the goodness in life. It doesn't mean that the only thing I see in this world, is its dark and evil side. Or that I am a scholar who is unhappy and famous. Or that I have low self-esteem.

It is simply what it is. A blog. Or in the case of that discussion, a comment.

But sometimes, we tend to put labels too quickly. Judge people too easily. Generalize too often. I think that person forgot that we aren't brainless people who do know that it is not having everything goes right, but being able to face whatever goes wrong. Life is not about being able to rid the world of all injustices but rising above them. And if rising above them means, burning flags for others... who are we to stop them?

Yes, it's true that that English imbecile made a racist remark. We talked about it... and expressed our opinions. But for her to assume that Filipinos who react violently to such racist remark have self-esteem issues??? Hellllooooo? The nerd! LOL


Anna said...

naruyag daw ako sa mga comments he he he. i don't know, but some people are just too quick to generalize. the thing is life is not about generalizations. it is about individual moments that may or may not add up.

Mel said...

uhmmm. this got me thinking whether i'm pikon too. i think it depends on the content and the context. if its a plain joke with no malice, then i take it for what it is.

but like any self-respecting individual, i do get angry when i feel that i am being robbed of the respect and dignity i deserve, when my humanity is debased. i think that God has placed this "anger" feeling within us as a form of protection so that we will cringe when an injustice is being done, and not just turn a blind eye to it.

Droomvla said...

Menchie, thanks for dropping by. You're so right. It's about individual moments! :)

Droomvla said...

Mel, it's true that anger is a form of protection but it could also be destructive.

I used to be really pikon especially someone makes a cruel joke about DH. Dili aram san mga ignoramus what these DH give up para lang makapadara sin kuwarta sa pamilya ninda. I even heard that in the Middle East, nagiging prosti an iba na DH. Kaluoy man baga.

But now that I´m older, medyo tolerant na ako. Dili lang sa hampang ko pagsabihon an tiaw kay makidulak talaga ako. hahahaha

An napapansin, an mga iba na kababayan ta na nakaistar na didi sa abroad, they tend to look down sa mga kapwa Filipino ninda. Dili ko masabutan ina na mentality.