Sunday, October 26, 2008

inspector gadget.

There is one thing that my husband and I don't like doing together. In Dutch, they call it knutselen. Working with your bare hands and making `do-it-yourself´ projects.

Hubby loves math and is so passionate about astronomy. He loves taking pictures of comets, the milky way, planets, and other heavenly objects. In the summer, he enthusiastically waits for the meteor shower. He also measures the nuclear magnetic resonance.

He built his first telescope when he was eight. Impressive, isn´t it? Wrote software programs for the radio telescopes which the local observatory still use. And today, he assembled a radio receiver for his lightning detection program. He´s my `little´ Frank-Einstein. (I say `little´ because he´s not a really what one would call a `mad scientist´. )

So Hubby likes taking things apart and putting them together again. He has so many on-going projects which also means that the house, including our garage, is one big laboratory. It can be so frustrating sometimes.... and annoying too.

There are also those times when he is obsessing about a mathematical formula for his experiments, and is patiently trying to explain it to me even if I have shown complete disinterest! Sometimes I wonder what drawn us together. We are sooooooo different.

But when the sink is clogged, or the roof tiles are blown away at the height of winter, or that one time when my electric blanket had a short circuit, Hubby fixes them all and always with a formula! Truly, he´s my personal Inspector Gadget! lol


Aristarkhos said...

haha...sounds like the times when i try talking/explaining tech to my wife, and then i get that glazed look.
It's nice he can do so much star gazing in Hengelo. Means the skies are clear because there is less pollution and city-light.

Mel said...

wow - i am impressed! hats off to frank.

Droomvla said...

Aristarkhos: My husband actually does his stargazing activities in Lattrop where the observatory is. When there are solar eclipses, he goes as far as Africa. lol But we also sometimes do it in our backyard, especially in the winter.... which means that I am dressed like an eskimo! HAHAHAHAHA

Droomvla said...

Mel: ay sus, gin blog ko baya kay grabe naman an sangop ko kahapon kay lukop an balay san kalat niya. Pero di ko man maaway kay wara man sin harmful na gin hihimo. HAHAHAHAHA

Jesusa said...

nag-enjoy man daw ako nin kababasa san mga storya mo didi. frank should meet greg, they'll have lots of fun. one time he dragged me to see the " Perseid Meteor Shower," sa disyerto, kay lain maliwanag,grabe an hagkot, nakauli kami maaga na. pero, i can't deny it, that was really amazing! dapat siguro magkadi kamo, basi maruyagan ni frank an griffith observatory didi, mga 10 minutes away lang sa amon. thanks for the stories.

Droomvla said...

Hello Grace, what a pleasant surprise! Thanks for dropping by.

Bay-i kay next time na magpa US kami, kadaon mi kamo sa LA. Tandulon ta an ulo sadi na duwa na partners ta. lol Frank watched the Perseid Meteor Shower with his friends also. They toook great pictures. Dili ako nag upod kay minsan hinugakan ako to stay up late, nan bonding time man ninda idto san mga barkada niya. hahahahaha

Anna said...

amo ina an uragon, ha ha ha!

you two may be "soooooo different" but then, from the looks of it, math and music do mix :p

Aristarkhos said...

hehe...all the way to Africa. That's one serious dude.
Must be fun doing the eskimo routine. ;)

Anna is right you know...about math and music...two objects may not resonate at the same frequency...but they can still be in harmony. :)

Droomvla said...

Menchie: maybe for some people math and music do mix. I mean, Pythagoras came up with his famous theorem ( a2+b2=c2) with the aid of a one-stringed musical instrument. So maybe, there is indeed a relationship there.

But apparently, I'm not one of them. LOL

Droomvla said...

Aristarkhos: You will be surprised to know what amateur astronomers like my husband, do here. But I don´t think it is not right that I divulge the details of their activities! LOL

The eskimo routine had become tiring and boring, so I stopped doing it already. LOL

Aristarkhos said...

Cannot elaborate on their activities? koff...have you been privy to their swearing-in ceremonies, kooky-hat-coronations, secrets handshakes, or Klingon-style salutations? ;)
I would love to dress up like an see snow again. :)

Droomvla said...

Nope, can´t elaborate! lol

Friday evening, the temperature dropped to minus 2. So the next day when we went shopping, I took out my eskimo get up. After 2 hours, the sun came out and I felt like a complete idiot. LOL

Aristarkhos said...

Hey, I just had a long conversation with a colleague of mine. i had forgotten he is totally into astronomy and just thought your husband might be interested in what he uses to star gaze, share tips, etc.
You can find him at

Droomvla said...

Thanks! I'll tell him about it. :)