Sunday, June 28, 2009


There's this little prompt on yahoo feature that caught my attention today. It says: "Mystery deposit dilemma If you receive an unknown deposit in your bank account, should you keep the money?"

Not to sound too moralistic or anything, but I don't see what's the dilemma there. It's not your money, you did not earn it, THEREFORE you should NOT keep it. Period. I don't understand why that is a problem for some people.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Post reunion syndrome.

Going away for 10 weeks was perhaps a much needed vacation but it was long and went very fast. So when I got on the plane last Sunday, I only had wonderful memories of my stay.

I saw and spent a lot of time with people that I haven´t spoken to for more than a decade. I discovered that Gina is not a bitter widow at all. On the contrary, she is wise, caring, and funny. Then there´s Ali who had always been brutal and straightforward. But hey, he´s also a very good father and friend. And yes, he´s adorably funny, bright, and honest.

I was also amazed to see that majority of my highschool female classmates became these proud, gracious, accommodating and beautiful Stepford Wives. (Nope, they're not horrifying .... just the beautiful part!) How did they manage to stay slim and beautiful?! I also discovered that Patrick, Vivian, Memen, Menchie, Bunx, Bruce, and especially Nena were the true driving force behind the success of our 25th Homecoming.

So as I entered my house, I was confronted with another kind of reality. It was bizarre really. Well for one, most of my plants died. Grrrr.... I spent so much time keeping them alive during the winter months! My front and backyard need a real cleaning up --- I could almost hear Tarzan shouting now. hahahahaha Then there´s this pile of unread mails, newspapers, TIME and other magazines that I have to read and dispose. The plumber has to come and fix the drainage again. The kitchen is... oh well, don't let me even get started.

The next day, I was ill. Yes, I had been ill since Monday and it's Sunday again today. But being ill is not always bad. It slows down the mind and prepares the body again for the next hurdle.

So yes, I'm back again and this much I know. I had a great time in Sorsogon. Attending the reunion was the best part of it. Actually, it was not just attending The Reunion.... because we had rehearsals in the beginning. Then, the dinners, outings with the family, and then there were those post reunion get-togethers that dragged on for weeks! Everybody was making excuses to see everybody again. We actually became ONE big family. I loved it!

And there's more.... The kids are now bff ... as in, best friends forever. It's cute, isn't it? hahahaha