Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Jungle life.

Aunt sent us (Ma included) an email about this 15-foot Eastern Diamondback rattle snake found just south of Jacksonville. Ma sent Aunt this naughty reply:

"In several parts of the Philippines last year, reports were made about large pythons being found on places thickly inhabited by people. This appeared abnormal since these animals are usually found in forests, near creeks, or in areas where their habitat is not disturbed.

In fact there was one big snake about two meters long just outside the halls of congress. So, a joke even went circulating around that probably the snake was looking for his relatives. And then someone remarked, " is it not that the tenants there are not snakes but crocodiles?"

opssss... lol

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ik hou van jou.

One of the things that never impressed me about the Dutch is their music. Make that pop music. Reason: I find the language too direct and very unmusical. You see, whenever I listen to a Dutch song, I have the feeling that there is absolutely no feeling in it. The song sounds like a cacophony of words. No heart. No soul. As I've said, no feeling. Sorry for my bluntness but that's how I really felt about it before.

Until one day, a friend asked me to listen to this song to me. And just like that ..... I turned 180 degrees on my stand about their music. I acquired understanding about the people. I realized that the Dutch are not as direct and unmusical as I thought they were. They are just as romantic and eloquent (when it comes to love) as their French and Italian neighbours.

So here goes the song.... (there's an English and German translation, so you can understand what the song is all about.) Ik hou van jou is Dutch for I love you.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

More funny Dutch TV ads

I just saw this on TV a few minutes ago... It definitely belongs to the top 5! hahahahaha

Funny Dutch commercials.

Going on a date with a Dutch guy? Here's the most recent Mcdonalds ad. Watch the lady almost choke when her date told her "ik krijg nog geld van je... voor de burger" (you still owe me some money for the hamburger). LOL

This one is about "men hamburger" .... after a trip to McDonalds, the husband puts on that tight jeans and asked wife if his behind is dik (fat). Wife said "not really", which offended husband so he got upset and wished her a "happy weekend" on his way out. HAHAHAHAHA

This is what happens when you don't know the English language! HAHAHAHAHA

And my favorite .... a wholesome, family IKEA advertisement. Mommy forgot about the most important "toy". HAHAHAHAHAHA (I think this is Swedish, it's funny anyway... lol)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

just blogging.

Some people refuse to read newspapers. They say it only makes them feel miserable. Others become upset whenever they watch action films. They say, there's too much violence. Then there are those people who pretend and assume they read and understand you.

It's annoying.

People telling you what they think of you ... and people assuming that their way is the better way.

I've always maintained that life is both a duality and ambiguity. That what we perceive as truth should not be expressed by simple labels because it requires deep awareness of the duality that exist in terms of polarities. You know, good-evil; day-night; Fairy tales- action films; comic-tragic.

A deeper understanding of these labels therefore requires covering many layers of meaning. Not just one, but MANY.... including grasping the superficiality of ambuity. Of course, they both reflect mirror images of how we look at the world.

Therefore, my blog is just a blog. I write here about the things that call my attention. It doesn't bear a simple label. This is simply what it is. A blog that reflects mirror images of my life in Holland. Consider it as an art in a blank canvass. You decide how you´re going to make sense out of it.