Tuesday, December 9, 2014

His last, big 5-0.

He would have been 53. But F. lived a full life. It was short, eventful, but it was full. He had touched lives. A little miracle that will continue spreading.To date, two books are dedicated to his memory. I'm not bragging or edifying him. I'm just saying that he must have done something right .... and good. 

I still do not understand the meaning of his premature death but it gives me peace to think of his short life as a sort of spark. It was Enlightening, Inspiring, Dignified, and Humane. Happy Birthday, F.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Godmother Dada.

Your beautiful, angelic smile
Your kind eyes
Your warm touch
Your gentle voice

Christmas days
The joys I once knew
Were spent
with you.

Your jokes
Your reassuring look
Your laughter
Your advice

Your love
I'll always treasure
Always remember
with fondness

For you were someone
standing at the alter
I'm forever grateful
You are my Godmother.

For there
Aint noone
like you,
like my Ninang Dada.

The tears
I now cry
are only for you
Rest In Peace, Dada.