Saturday, March 3, 2012

Wil je met mij trouwen? (Will you marry me?)

While waiting for my turn at SPAR Supermarket today, a five-year-old kid was delaying everyone. He can't take his eyes off the 17-year-old cashier. He was about 3-feet tall and had his chin resting on the counter. He was sighing and sighing... and sighing, and was just staring intently at her.

Finally, there came a loud and very determined voice. The boy blurted out, "wil je met mij trouwen?" (Will you marry me?) He was still staring at her, and was waiting for her reply.

The cashier somewhat amused, played along and said without thinking, "wanneer?" (when?)

The boy replied quickly, "achtien mei" (May 18).

The young mom, all red and somewhat embarrassed, apologized and said in an irritated voice, "wat zei je nou?" (what are you talking about?)

They left the supermarket hurriedly.... leaving everybody with big smiles and a very good story to tell when they all go home.