Sunday, October 19, 2008

stuffing stuff.

"If everybody had the standard of living of the average European or American, we would probably need five new planets. But we've only got this one." These are the wise words of Jane Goodall, an English scientist who spent years observing the chimpanzees in the forest of Tanzania.

Five new planets. Imagine that! But she's absolutely right. Western people are fond of acquiring new stuff and collecting the old ones. One doesn´t have to look far.... my own garage is a classic example. It is stuffed with practically everything --- 95% of them are hand-me-downs from relatives and friends.

You see, I´m like my Ma. I collect garbage (things that no longer have value for others). Somehow, I find it difficult to throw anything that is still in good, working condition. I don't care if it doesn't look nice for as long as I can use it, I'd like to keep it. So old dressoirs, tables, fauteuils, bookcase, pans, even old electric heaters..... they all have a place in my garage!

I know that it's not about being attached to material wealth, because I'm not ... attached, that is. But when I look at an old dressoir for example, I don't see a furniture with an intricate design. I only see a beautiful piece of rose wood. And for me, it's a sin to throw such a beauty. My husband said that it will be recycled. But still, I don't have the heart to do it. I am hoping that someday, somehow... someone will have a place in her home for the old dressoir. But who am I kidding? This is Europe.

A very wise Ifugao once told me, `as long as man doesn´t realize that he can´t eat money, he will continue chopping down trees to have more money

It´s scary, I know. But how do we stop people from buying, acquiring, and collecting? Let's face it. We all work hard to have more money. Because if we have more money, we have more stuff. And if we have more stuff, we think we´ll be happier. We want to live like the average European or American.... surrounded by stuff. Contented and happy. Whatever that means.

So Dr. Goodall is an inspiration to me because her work helps us understand how to take better care of our Earth. Her passion and empathy is a proof that it is possible to make a positive difference for others. For indeed, "you can't live through a day without making an impact on the world. And we all have a choice about what sort of impact we will make."

Like her, I also want to make an impact.... a difference. Perhaps my approach is not really helping because right now, I am merely stuffing stuff! But....we´ll see.


Aristarkhos said...

Take it one step at a time. It is not possible to go 100 percent green or environmental. Trying to step it up as you go along...that helps.
You guys have garage sales there? Maybe something like that will help. I am sure there is someone out there who likes antique furniture...has an eye for good wood. I would hate to throw furniture like that to a recycler too.
I admire Jane Goodall for her work. I remember using a newspaper picture of her with a chimp in school for a picture composition. I did not know who she was...I fluked her name in my essay. :D

And can you believe it...George Bush Jr. has the b@lls to say that developing nations like India should use less resources, eat save energy and our environment. Scoundrel.

Droomvla said...

I also don't dream of going 100% green. You see, I love bonfires and campfires. LOL

The thing about these hand-me-downs is, I'm not allowed to sell them. My inlaws will be furious if they find out that I'm making a profit out of it!

I never heard about Jane Goodall until I read this article about her. I was quite impressed.

Don't worry too much about what George Bush Jr say. It´s plain politics. Besides, he said a lot of stup├»d things already, I don´t think people will ever remember him after he leaves the White House.

Aristarkhos said...

believe you is for his stupid comments that he will be remembered for many years to come.
Someone will even come out with a book filled with his stupid statements.

I love this one the most...The only Bush I trust, is MINE.

Droomvla said...

HAHAHAHAHA Well, maybe for the next 10 years. But people will forget about him, and those books will disappear. Only great men with great deeds go down in history. hehehehe

Aristarkhos said...

you think so? He did make history, you know. :) and he makes it easy for us writers to be humourous.
...just have to say Bush...and people crack up...and start narrating all the silly jokes and quotes... the one about Bush, the Pope, a school kid, and a pilot in a doomed aircraft. :)