Monday, October 13, 2008

cigars and gums.

Smoking in public places is finally banned in the Netherlands. People are no longer allowed to smoke inside the office buildings, restaurants, and bus stations. I thought it's rather cool. Finally, I don't have to choke on somebody else's smoke. Coming from an ex-chain smoker, that probably sounds not cool. lol

But I read in the papers today that in Rijssen (a town closeby), chewing a gum in public is also prohibited! I was stupefied. I can understand why they banned smoking in public, but if people are no longer allowed to chew gums in public, what's next?

This country has legalized euthanasia, gay marriages, smoking of marijuana, prostitution.... just to name a few. So why are they after the gum now? I want to say, it's just a gum and anyway, they could always recycle and make condoms out of it. HAHAHAHA!


++retno said...

remind me of singapore, no gum allowed :))
i find it ridicolous!


Droomvla said...

I know!!! It just doesn't add up. But then again, it's only one city. I mean, it's not as if the entire country has banned chewing gums.

I don't like gums actually. But I think, people who would to chew gums should be allowed to do it.

Aristarkhos said...

I think people have a habit of sticking gums under benches or spitting them on the sidewalk. That's why the ban. :)

I do not understand the ban on cigarette smoking. Public places? That sounds vague. There should be sign boards - and like airports/Singapore, there should be smoking areas.
How about restaurants here in Bombay. Even if it is a smoking area, parents still bring their children in with them. So what is the point of keeping a ban?
They had banned chewing tobacco awhile that makes sense...but the rule was never followed.

Banning something just makes people look for avenues to do it in a clandestine manner. At whatever expense. Like bootlegging during Prohibition. Just make the stuff more expensive.

Droomvla said...

Perhaps, we should just educate people again NOT to stick gums here and there.

A lot of people are actually complaining about the cigarette ban. They think it's a form of discrimination. There are some people who were dismissed from work because they were caught smoking inside the building during their shift. Personally, I think that is a bit harsh.

But I also think that people who don't smoke should not suffer from somebody else's smoke. In a bus stop for example (especially during the colder months), I find it very difficult when there are people who are constantly blowing smoke on my face. I end up standing somewhere else. lol

I used to smoke for almost 17 years. But whenever I smoke, I do it alone, or with fellow smokers. I never smoke inside the house. But that was before. I don´t smoke anymore. hahahaha

Aristarkhos said...

i agree...when it is in your face...smokers should be a little considerate.
I think i remember reading about a security guard here who was made to do sit ups because he was caught smoking outside the office building. that was really stupid...something you would see in japan maybe. :op

mrscasals_villareal said...

I do not mind people smoking as long as they keep the smoke in them


If you experienced leisurely sitting then getting up later only to find out that your bottom, and by extension, you, have been stuck to the bench, you will be happy for the ban.

On the other hand, chewing gum is, for some, a form of therapy. I do not agree to a total ban, but I agree to regulation.

Droomvla said...

Pines, nalagalag ka daw didi. hahahaha

Droomvla said...

Chyt, you do have a point. And yes, regulating it is a good idea. But what about those people who are spitting in public? Should they also be regulated? lol

Droomvla said...

Aristarkhos, I've never been to Japan so I wouldn't know if they really do these things to people caught smoking outside the office building. Perhaps, for a TV show? lol


Hah- believe it or not. In Bontoc, Mt. Province which is close to Ifugao, the land of betel nut chewers, there is an ordinance that bans spitting. Hahaha.

Droomvla said...

Really?! And what happens to you if you are caught spitting betel nut? Are they going to throw you in jail? LOL