Thursday, October 2, 2008

girl power ala Fonda

I had lunch with my expat girl friends last Saturday. We were outnumbered by the Americans so there was a monopoly on the subjects we talked about.

First, it was about McCain and Obama. Then, the first woman on a Republican presidential ticket. Then came the story about Wallstreet and the Bail out plan. Of course, there were also stories about tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes, St. Helen´s deadly eruption in 1980. And while we were greedily enjoying our nice vlaai cakes, our host Katelynn decided it was time for Jane Fonda.

I almost choked. Jane Fonda? I swear, I probably had this big question mark written all over my face. And while our American friend Linda was lost in her story about her recent trip to Hollywood and Henry Fonda, I was also lost in my mental aerobic ala Fonda. What is it now with Jane Fonda? I mused.

In the mid eighties, Jane Fonda was a big thing in our campus. I remember our weekly aerobics in the dormitory. My room mate had a Jane Fonda tape that everybody was dying to have a copy. I was her roomie, so I was one of the first ones who owned a copy of the original.

I still vividly remember how I twisted my hips to the `you´re sixteen.... you´re beautiful... and you´re mine...´ music! I was 17 then, of course I can twist my hips!!! hahahaha Or that time when I was running out of breathe I thought I´d collapse but somehow managed to smile while reaching for the roof for the stretch exercise, and listening to Jane Fonda like she was my personal maharishi guru?! Oh, and who could forget about the announcement she made about divorcing her husband and becoming a born again Christian? She is truly an American icon, in every sense of the word.

But hey, we aren´t all crazy about the woman. Katelynn however managed to make us all sit down infront of her big television and watch Jane Fonda talk about her book (published in 2005). I was annoyed in the beginning. But as I listened to her talk, I developed a sincere liking for the woman. She is quite admirable, I thought. I realised then the importance of the interview to our women´s group. Jane Fonda was talking about Carol Gilligan´s A Different Voice. I was surprised. To think that that book has 500 something pages!

So I sat there, ate my vlaai, and listened to the third act of Jane Fonda´s life.

~~~the photograph was taken by my English friend Nicole. ~~~~


Cheryl Daytec said...

I like your blog's new template. Very easy on the eyes. Anong template ito? Gusto ko siya dahil nagagamit lahat ang space.

Jane Fonda? She had this wild hairdo, right?

And she is a Democrat. For sure, she is going to vote for Obama.

Droomvla said...

The template is stretch denim light by Darren Delaye, if I am not mistaken.

I rather like her hairdo nowadays. Nung 80s kasi, uso yung hairspray di ba? LOL

I didn't know she is a democrat but I think Obama will be a good president. Democrat or no democrat. LOL