Wednesday, October 8, 2008

being healthy.

My sis Mcel used to say that the difference between "developed" and "developing" countries is in hair coloring. She said that in developed countries, you have more grey; in developing countries, black. The reason for this she said, is health care. I did not dare challenge her but everytime I get on my bicycle, I always take mental notes. She´s right of course. Oh well, it's her domain. Health care.

Talking about health.....

When I got married 7 years ago and moved to this country, my health regimen has radically changed. I wouldn't say that the change was brought about by my husband. But being married and living in a foreign land definitely had a small but gradual impact on the way I look and what I ate.

For instance, I stopped working. The only places I go to nowadays are the supermarket, the groceries, church, shops (no malls here), library, and when the weather is nice, the movies. I even stopped going to cultural centers. There is simply no need to spend 2 hours in front of the mirror every morning!

Fish is so expensive, and meat products are relatively cheap. They have all sorts of sausages, meatloaf, and an assortisement of cold cuts for breakfast. Chocolates and cakes are two things that Dutch bakeshops are very good at. And needless to say, I am a chocoholic. So, living here is like living the lives of Hansel and Gretel. Except that there is no witch in my story. LOL

Now, I am past the point of no return and my poor health regimen is sending me into a downward spiral. It is freaking me out too. I know that my health is the most important thing, but the chocolates are really good. lol


maricel said...

Healthy Lifestyle??
Let me figure it out..
I guess many Sorsoguenos are aware of the killer diseases ...CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE AND DIABETES, HENCE LETS ALL BE ADVOCATES (healthy lifestyle such as regular exercise. proper diet, regular checkup, stress management stc...)

Cheryl Daytec said...

Chocolates are quite cheap over there. When I was in Switzerland, I had a grand time eating all sorts of chocolates. But my favorite was the one that cost CHF2 (around P70 at that time) for 400 grams! So cheap and so yummy.

So who cares about what all the health books say when there are loads of chocolates around? Besides, they are now saying that chocolates are good for the heart (Probably partly because it is what the men usually give to their beloveds?!?)

And your cheese? Oh, Loooord. There were lots of free-taste cheese at the Amsterdam Airport City (or whatever the name is). I took advantage and also bought some five kilos which, back home, we enjoyed melting and pouring over boiled camote or potato. Yummmyyy.

Now, I want to move there.

Aristarkhos said...

crazy woman. haha!
btw: how you been?

Anna said...

there are days when i feel and eat healthy and there are days when i say to hell with counting calories. yesterday was one of those "unhealthy" days: kasiram pan-o san chicharon bulaklak sa jane's ha ha ha!

Droomvla said...

Chyt, around Christmas time, you should come and I´ll take you to the Christmas markets in Germany where you can eat all sorts of chocolates, cheese, and wine. hahahahaha

Chocolates (also burger and fries) are no longer that cheap here because you have to pay extra tax. It's the government's way of stopping people from becoming obese. HAHAHAHA We could laugh about it, but it's true. HAHAHAHA

Droomvla said...

Aristarhos, yeah I'm crazy! HAHAHAHA I'm fine. Just a bit worried about my weight, but am ok. What about you? You haven't been posting new blogs lately. Everything's ok with you?

Droomvla said...

Menchie, you are slim and you are allowed to gorge every now and then. Pero ako baga na talagang obese na?! HAHAHAHAHAHA Nagpa inggit ka pa san chicharon, namiss ko lugod. Hayyyyyy! hahahahaha