Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Mother of Pearl.

I have a new reader ... my Ma --- thanks to my older sister, Ate, who downloads and prints my blogs for her. Ma tirelessly and patiently reads my blog these days. hahahahaha

I actually feel elated. I mean, who wouldn´t? My Ma is a very good writer.... perhaps one of the best in the province, in my opinion. I used to read her poems when I was growing up. Sometimes, I would copy and post them on my study table or in my textbooks to remind me of her, and for inspiration. I always thought I could read her mind that way.... or, be connected with her innermost thoughts which was home of course.

That was before..... when Ma had time to indulge in the fascinating world of reading and writing. She still reads all right, but writing has taken a back seat.

Now, she's a retired grandma and recently became my number one fan! I'm overjoyed. hahahahahaha

But there's another face to this story. Ma is also my silent editor.... my critic. We discuss my blogs nowadays, and she would always give me a 5-minute lecture on grammar and syntax. This, I find, rather endearing and to some extent, amusing. I guess, I´ve matured. After all, I´m a middle-aged woman now!

Whereas before we would have our lengthy discussion, argument, and sometimes, brawls as to who is right, I actually listen to her now. You see, my Ma had always encouraged that among us. She said that arguing is a healthy form of mental gymnastics.

Some people do not agree with her, saying that we are being discourteous and disrespectful to her. But for Ma .... if you could defend and fight for your argument to the very end , she will listen and at times, even consider what you´re saying. She keeps an openmind .... always. And she stays calm.

Now that we are grown ups, Ma has become the elder of the tribe. Our tribe. She now embodies the very essence of motherhood. Our everything really. She gives birth to wise ideas ; lends an ear and sometimes support our not-so-sound decisions; provides laughter and sunshine when everything seems dark; gives strength and hope when needed; and loves unconditionally. After all, we are hers no matter what!!! hahahahaha

At the end of the day, we are both happy with this blog thing..... why, we are more reconnected now than ever. I´m not saying that because she reads my blog. I say that from a point of view of child who must have been difficult to raise.

I am after all the artist in the family. As my little sister Cpie would say, we don´t have to understand what you´re doing or saying, but hey, we´re listening and we're here for you. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA


Chyt said...

I love your blog. It is truly you. Your topics are light ones that creep right over the soul.

Your mother is really a Mother of Pearl (but that makes you the pearl! Hehe. Of course, you are a pearl.) and you are also the Daughter of Pearl. I love your Mom. She is like mine.

I guess we hard-headed daughters are kindred spirits. My relationship with my Mom has also been like that. I was the argumentative one and as a daughter, it was as if I was always in a frenzied mission to prove her wrong. And all those years, she let me speak without restraint. I made her say Sorry to me many times. I do not remember saying Sorry. When I had the means, I would just treat her out or buy her nice things- my way of saying the S word.

Now that I am a mother myself, I have seen the error of my ways. My first daughter, now 15, seems to be Mom's revenge on me! Whew!

Mom and I are closer than before. And yes, my friend, I have said Sorry to her more than I can count. I just finished reading Amy Tan's The Bonesetter's Daughter. Read it and see ourselves there.

Keep blogging. I miss you a lot.

Droomvla said...

Hey Chyt, my dear friend! What a pleasant surprise!!! hahahaha Thanks for your comment. :)

maricel said...

Hmmmm..truly, you are our MOTHERS PEARL