Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Big "D"

We all heard about Dr. Jekell and Mister Hyde. Depression. Such a big word.

I read in the newspaper that 1 out of 3 Dutch suffers from some form of depression. That's about one-third of the 17 million Dutch population. Freaky, isn't it? So I asked myself, what causes depression? Why are some people more prone than others? What are the possible causes?

Well, there's genes. Some people are born with it. In the Netherlands, they are referred to as children who were born on a rainy Monday, or something like that.

Childhood trauma or abuse causes depression also. Health problems. For instance, someone with multiple sclerosis. Loneliness and isolation will surely lead to depression. There´s also financial strain, and burn out. Oh, and there´s the winter depression.

What about if someone threatens to kill himself? Is that a simple threat? Or, do we take that seriously?

Then I wonder.... I wonder, how come we don't hear about depression in developing countries like the Philippines? Are we too ashamed to talk about it? I know we have several mental hospitals spread across the country but, a half-way hospital (as they are referred to here) for depressed patients? Don't tell me there aren't depressed patients in the Philippines! Don't tell me they can forget about their depressed mental state while singing My Way!

What about having a happy, God-fearing, and loving (extended) family? Does that count why we, Filipinos, are happy people? I think, it does!


Mel said...

how true indeed. our strong family support gives us the strength to carry on especially when we're on the edge.

Mel said...

or it could also be that we have been so used to harships and difficulties thus making us resilient and increasing our capacity for survival.

whatever it is, i am proud to be pinoy.

Anna said...

bipolar disorder--or whatever you call it--is the domain of the "rich" didi sa pinas. otherwise, we just shrug it off as "sumpong" or kun nano pa man, he he he.

++retno said...

i discussed this with my indonesian friend who lives here as well. i think our advantage as asian people is that we enjoy life and have more relaxed lifestyle. we have a lot of things that we can enjoy like for example food! :)

also family and religion play an important role


Chyt said...

I know someone who is suffering from bipolar disorder (manic depression) and she is from the Philippines. There are cases of clinical depression even among Filipinos although the incidence rate is not as high as elsewhere probably because of the reasons you mentioned. Also, to the Filipinos, there is no difference between someone who is insane and someone who is depressed. So the depressed among us keep their sickness to themselves. I think this is understandable. Ostracism will make them more depressed.

People who suffer from chronic pain are prone to depression. This is just my take.

Yeah, I agree that our close family ties save many of us from depression. Thank God we are Filipinos, Marissa. Otherwise, instead of meeting in UP, we might have met in Mandaluyong! Hahahaha.

maricel said...

Single family(right team ba) and extended family met on the road of life...
Single fam: Whats your use when I already exist?
Extended fam: Im here to put a smile whenever you put tears...