Monday, July 7, 2008


My highschool classmate and friend Menchie wrote a very nice blog about reconnection. It touched me and made me feel homesick..... make that Menchie-homesick! HAHAHAHAHA

I was actually planning to blog about marriage. But I guess, friendship is also a sort of marriage, minus the wedding that is! So I am going to talk about it instead.

Friendship..... what is it actually? It sounds so trite and banal, I could fall asleep right now! ha ha ha!

Kidding aside, I believe friendship is the marriage of two (or more) people who have different upbringing yet are drawn by a common interest, dream, frivolity, background, and sometimes even by the same nemesis! Menchie and I however never had the last one. hahahahahaha

I used the word marriage because in many ways, it is a union of people who do love and care for each other (minus romance... although we all know that friendship can reach its zenith in marriage because the bond is closer). But the camaraderie, commitment and demands are just as exciting and precious.

But it´s true what Menchie wrote in her blog. Eden, Mel, Cherie, Menchie and I are re-discovering and reconnecting again through blogging. Sounds odd, but true. And that´s the beauty of cyberspace. You are only an iota of a second away from each other..... or in our case, a blog away.


mel said...

how true indeed. i'm rediscovering a lot about you, eden and menchie through blogging. thanks for whoever invented blogging - the gap created by the many years that we have been apart is now closing in. keep blogging my friend

Lumen_RP_muning said...

At this stage of my life, I did expect that 'friendship' is even deeper and meaningful.. I thought I could be much more down-to-earth and silly, in a way that all my so-called "friends" had accepted me of who I was when we were young before. But you know what? I don't look at friendship as something of 'reconnection' anymore, and I don't see it as something which reminds me of fond memories. I take friendship as I live my everyday life now - no past, no future. If that friend of mine chooses to stay close to me, well and good, am very grateful. But never ever again I'll be thinking about 'friendship' that really 'stays'. Am I seeing a 'raised' eyebrow yet? hehehe... Well, seriously, my view about 'friendship' has changed a lot very recently. I lately realised that if you take everything 'easy' and not lift your optimism too high, you won't get hurt -- I have experienced betrayal many times.. shock an kalag ko, indeed.... I don't think I deserve these traitors, as I never ever thought of any of them as bad or 'rubbish pieces of creation'! I may not be the best actress to put up a "show" on stage about my "afffection" to my friends, but God knows I care hell about them, and respect them, as dili man ako maki identify sa mga tawo na wara ako sin high regards. Maybe I'm not the "sweetie-pie" type of a friend, but I'll always be proud to say -- I'VE NEVER BETRAYED ANY OF THEM. I will die in this world with both of my eyes shut, peacefully (sigurado man na dili kirat an bangkay ko)... mag agi man gayod ako sa scrutiny ni San Pedro, but rest assured, he will never accuse me of 'idolising' Judas.

So, there we are... Friendship for me now is a 'casual' thing. It comes and it goes... No expectations anymore.. so no disappointments, and no regrets.

Droomvla said...

Lumen: thanks for this comment. Are you sure you mean half of what you said here? Because when we were together a few weeks ago, I did feel a DEEPER and more MEANINGFUL friendship ever. :)

Mel: glad to hear that you enjoy blogging too as a form of reconnecting/ rediscovering.

maricel said...

Having a true friend means a longer life span..Ahhh...Friends...Where can we buy a friend? bwahahah