Sunday, July 6, 2008

Meeting marten.

It was Friday night. Our friend Niek just left, and I still have to clear the kitchen. I decided to go upstairs instead to check my email. Hey, I have one from my sister! I picked up the receiver and dialed her number.

We chatted, and by the time we were done… it was almost 4:00 AM and I was exhausted. It was time to retire to bed. Suddenly I heard a thud and stumping. My brain ran wild. What could that be? Or maybe I should be asking myself who could that be?!

And just like that, I was wide awake. I was annoyed.

I walked to the window…. looked outside. It was so peaceful. The sky was so beautiful..... like a canvas. It reminded of Van Gogh's Starry Night. Ah,... summer. I love Europe in the summer.

I saw somebody moving close to our neighbors’ fence. It’s probably Meneer Erv, I thought. But what seemed like Meneer Erv’s head, had a very bushy tail attached to it, and was running around! My heart started to pound in excitement. What was that????

Then I heard a loud shriek. It was almost like a piercing cry. The little nocturnal creature was playing! Was he calling for a friend??? It was such a delight to witness such a beautiful sight. He was very agile.... moved very fast....and an excellent climber too! It’s definitely a large squirrel, I thought. If only I had my camera now, I said. But if I leave, I knew that the creature will be gone and perhaps I won’t ever see it again. So I continued watching it.

I found myself enjoying the experience. Ah,…. he looks soooo cute, soooo cuddly! So innocent... and so,... and just like that, it was gone! I fell sad, like a little child robbed of her favorite doll!

At breakfast, I told my husband about my little adventure. He said that the “cute little creature” I was referring to, was a stone marten (steen marter). An omnivorous, opportunistic animal who feeds on rabbits, chickens, birds, nuts, and berries.

I was silent. My pet Kapkap (a chicken) was killed last month. Life was literally sucked out of her. We found her lying in a corner, ... headless and bloodless.The creature who killed Kapkap was merciless. I still shudder at the thought.

And today, I found out that the beautiful furry creature that I saw prancing and dancing early this morning was the deadly predator that was responsible for the tragic death of Kapkap! Truly, looks can be very deceiving.

(The photo is not mine. I downloaded it from the Encyclopedia Britannica website.)

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maricel said...

Very well written by someone who has insomnia!..bwahaha