Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sweet blogging.

Every night and sometimes, every morning I check my blog with much anticipation. Like a child on Christmas  morning, I wonder if Santa dropped by and whether or not, he left a package for me.

So it goes without saying that whenever I click on my blog everyday, I am reminded of Neil Diamond´s Sweet Caroline. You know, Where it began.. I can´t begin to knowin´ ... But then I know it´s growin´ strong...  Was in the spring ... Then spring became the summer ... Who would believe you´d come along....  Hands, touching hands ....reaching out.... touching me.... touching you.....

Ahhhhh blogging. I started blogging back in 2007. It was purely out of .... well, curiousity. I was curious about the "new"  (it was not new all right, but the idea was new to me) program back then. I didn't know what it was, so my first blog was a longggggggg story about my life here! And so..... began my blogging journey through cyberspace.

What I did not expect is the people that I will meet here. People that I know before, but have lost touch. And there are those people who I don´t know at all.

Take Cherie for instance. Our families know each other for as long as I can remember! Her dad was once upon a time our family doctor.... And her mom and uncles and aunts were my grandma's students. I still remember my grandma talking about a certain brilliant Maquito boy whose genius impressed her like no other student did.

Girl scout buddy Anna and sistahhh  Buday,... well, our parents grew up and went to the same high school together. Her aunt and my mother still gossip and talk about their old high school days. As for her grandpa... well, I also remember my grandma say some things about him. But I was young then and I did not really pay much attention! LOL I just know that he was a judge.

Anna and I know each other since kindergarten. We were best of friends between 1981 and 82.... I used to hang around in their house -- her bedroom, whenever we have vacant periods. Loved and envied her sanrio collection. And together, we fell in love with Scott Baio and Rex Smith! lol

Jesusa´s grandparents and my grandma were also old friends. They owned the oldest printing press in the province. And although I never was close to Jesusa before because she is 3 batches younger than I, we both had piano lessons with Tia Yaying and her cousin Amy, is one of the few people in the world who truly understand me and my temperament. Dear Amy is my one old friend who neither spoke ill of me nor passed judgement about me.

Then there´s Mel, an old friend, who migrated to Canada since March last year. Mel taught me to appreciate writing. She insisted back in highschool that we exchange letters every morning! lol 

Chyt belongs to my university days. We've known each other since 1990. With Chyt as my bestfriend, my last year in the university was the most memorable one. I saw her fall in and out of love with this-and-that guy. And vice versa. If there is one word that would aptly describe our friendship, that word would be passion. Chyt and I both love passionately, believe passionately, and fight passionately.

My good friend Retno shares my Holland years. She´s my link to my former life in Indonesia. We know each other for 5 years now. We seldom see each other face to face, but we both know that we will always be there for each other.

And now.... I have new blog friends! These are the people who visit my blog on a regular basis, I think. :)

There's Aristarkhos. I know him for over a year (maybe 2?) now. He strikes me as a young Gandhi. Don't ask why! lol I don't know him very well, but this much I know. He is a decent man who loves literature, philosophy, sports, and is amazed by his neighbor's mom. lol  Aristarkhos is also an advocate of animal rights and a lover of nature, a wise person who listens with his heart and talks with his logical mind. I consider him a good friend.

Lopa , Aledys and Anita are very new friends. All three live in the Netherlands. Lopa is a young executive, who lives here because of her job. Aledys is married with children (where´s Peggy Bundy? lol). She strikes me of someone who is devoted and honest. I'd like to taste her dulce de leche someday!!! lol  As for lovely Anita,... I think she´s really an artist disguised as a Brazilian mom living and working in Holland. hehehe 

Pinay in Dutchland and Isabel are very new expat friends as well.

There´s also Sol. And Tessa. New friends of mine. They are both townmates that I haven´t met before.... except here, in this bloody thing called blog. We now share thoughts and life experiences.....  just like the rest of you guys here.

So now, I look at the night... and it don´t seem so lonelySweet blogging... good times never seemed so GOOOOOOD!


Jesusa said...

I'm with you on this one! I enjoy your blog so much:) You're pretty good at this. By the way, how do you add those links in your blog?

tessa said...

Hi! i am humbled to be your new friend. Mga Berina sina mom. Ina na balay amo ina an ancestral house kuta na, kaya lang wara na sin mayad na nagmamanage. so it is right now in disrepair too bad :-(
Amo manangayud masiramon na tambis! saka damo-damo na indian mang saka lukban sa likod. I miss those days so bad! My mom tells me ginigibo pa ninda ina na disco house pag may gimmick sinda na mga barkada.Si mom sa SNHS nag schooling kabatch niya sira Tita Nene Fajardo-Nace, Tita Loida Nicolas, Tita Susie Detera to name a few... sounds familiar eh?Ina na Loida Cinema sadtu one year round an passes namon.hehehe! Sa PIlot ako nag-elementary. Sige baga ha! magkadi ka manang gayud kay ma-longdrive kita pakadtu kay Cherie sa North Carolina. Yadi ako sa Illinois for 15 years now.I miss pinas like crazy! I haven't been home for a decade. Due mainly to having little kids 7,5,2 all boys!
We have plans of visiting by 2011 finally! o hala sige na kay nobela na ini! thank you for a new found friendship! Cheers to you! I can almost hear you laugh!!! makes me smile too!

A Touch of Dutch said...

I'm loving your blog & so glad I came upon it!

I received your comment about Hengelo photos I posted & will be writing about Hengelo soon. I wonder if you have anything you'd like to share about favorites in that area? Just send me an email! My email address is in my profile :-)

Have a great day!

~Lopa said...

ohhh wow.... i read my name here... :)
Thanks... how do you know what i do?? That was touching :)

Yes i feel the same everyday when i check my blog everyday, wondering if there is a surprise for me today. Sometimes a nice comment makes my day and sometimes a comment makes me feel i got a friend here... just like this post of yours made me feel :)

Sol said...

correct ka dyan!!! it hepls to be here.... naka uplift self confidence and ma enjoy ka talaga.... =)

cherie said...

nagkukulumbitay an batit ko saakun, waaaiiiitttt!!!!

cherie said...

ala-una na nin maaga, aling ko pa gihapun ini na saday, hahaha! bisi-bisihan lang tabi kaya dili naka-blog. hala, karadi na kamo. by the way, sin-o mga kaklase mo sa pilot, tessa? mag-follow ka man sa amun, ano, nano may favoritism ka? hahahah! nan mag-blog ka na, tessa!

thanks for this post, maris. bisitahon ko man an iba mo na friends. hello, grace, sol!

Droomvla said...

@Jesusa: Thanks. About the link,... well, you go to customize. Click on Add a gadget. Then, add LINK LIST. The rest is self-explanatory. :)

Droomvla said...

@Tessa: Sira Mama mo an golden jubilarians this year. Kilala ko si Nene Nace kay neighbor siya san ate ko, nan sister sa husband niya.

I was in Illinois 2 years ago. May cousins ako sa Chicago. Bayai lang kay makada naman ako. hehehe

May friend sadto si Papa. An ngaran, Roger Berina. Bagan accountant man idto, pareho ni Papa. An balay ninda, yadto sa likod (sa gilid baya) san old na provincial hospital baga. Relative siguro ni Mama mo. ;)

I used to go to that house in front of PNB, kay kun gin susugo ako san lola ko magdara sin letter kan Tita Pat (Miss Pat Garcia). So, kilala ko ikaw siguro sa bayhun! hehehe

Droomvla said...

@A Touch of Dutch: love your blog too.... especially your personal touch. Like the pics, and the lay out.

There are some places here in Hengelo that I like. I even have pics of them. But my other computer crashed a few weeks ago, and my husband is still working or restoring the old files. I'll email you soon about those places, ok? Thanks for popping round! :)

Droomvla said...

@Lopa: I know! I always feel happy whenever I receive posts. lol

About your background, well, let's just say that I read your blogs and had a little glimpse of your life over there in the west. LOL

Droomvla said...

@Sol: I'm definitely going to look for you the next time I go to Sorsee. Maghanda ka!HAHAHAHA

But it's true what you said. Naka uplift san spirit. Kaya ngani naruruyag na ako san pag blog. Biyo na buminakal na ako sin sadiri ko na laptop kay NEED na siya. HAHAHAHAHA

Droomvla said...

@Cherie: nakatawahon ako sadi na post mo na sabi mo, nakakulambitay an batit mo. HAHAHAHAHA Sabada pakadi kay pa-stand in the corner ko. HAHAHAHAHA

Aledys Ver said...

Ohhhh how nice of you to mention me!! That was sweet! :o)
Sweet blogging, indeed!! Blogging and the net in general has brought me great friends as well. People I've known for years now!
It's nice to know that someone out there is reading you and sharing with you adventures and experiences.
Thanks a lot!!!

Aledys Ver said...

By the way! I forgot to comment on your reference to "Married with children" and Peggy Bundy when you mentioned me: is it because of my big hair? Lol!!!

Droomvla said...

@Aledys: Noooooo! It was just a figure of speech. You have nothing in common with Peggy Bundy. For one, she doesn't cook or make dulce de leche! hehehe And believe me, you hair is NOT big compared to mine! hahahaha

tessa said...

Kitaa na baya.. si tita nene.. neighbor mi ina sa Our lady's Village san naglipat kami sin balay. Siguro an sister mo nakikita ko na ina kun sa Village man sinda naka-istar. Si Tito Roger, is the brother of my grandfather- Romulo Berina. Sabihan ko baya si mom ko about this reunion.
ugaring kay basi magpirit ini na mag-uli sa pinas...kukuliton ako sadi uruadlaw. Amuna ngani man ini anginigibo ko pag day -off... hala sige basa sin mga blog!
To all cherie's friends:I already went to all your sites... wara man gud ako sin favorite... kaya lang i was just new... so lain ko pa aram ang mechanics, akala ko i needed to open an acct. for each blogsite that i visit... to me that was to much work.. so i just mostly concentrated on Cherie and i know better so bayai lang kay intiro na ako ma post sin comments.. Hi! sol, jesusa, mel, anna and the others na di ko aram pa how to address. HAPPY BLOGGING everyone!!! :-)

Anna said...

sanrio, scott baio and rex smith! ha ha ha, we do go a long way, girl! and i'm glad you have this blog kay maski miles away kita, bagan yada ka man lang sa sampaloc, pwede agihan pakahali sa saud :p

Aristarkhos said...

Why is it that i am the only male in this list. :-)
Blogging has allowd me to get to know people living so far away, doing different things. It's an extension of my letter writing pen friend days in schul. Only this is less intrusive.
Thank u 4 mentioning me. I wonderd if u wud. I didnt hurry. I read ur post patiently. And got a huge surprise! Gandhi. Haha. I am no where close to cmparison. Thanx. Ur dscription of me is very generous.
Nice memories n bonds u have...i dont think i can make a list like that. Everyone eventually partd ways, at some time or other, and i moved on.

Droomvla said...

@Tessa: Small world talaga. Hala, sabihi na si Mama mo na sinda an golden jubilarians last April. Kun umuli siya next year, I'm sure na ma-enjoy siya san Alumni homecoming.

Kami an silver jubilarians this year. It was FUN FUN FUN. hahahaha

Kilala siguro ni Mama mo an Lola nan mother ko kun sa highschool man siya nag eskuwela. :)

Droomvla said...

@Anna: Anay ka. Sanrio, Scott Baio, Rex Smith. Igwa pa isad. STARS on 45. HAHAHAHAHAHA Amo ina an impluwensiya mo sa buhay ko! HAHAHAHAHA

KAya nga, maligaya ako na igwa sadi kay napupung-awon ako kun dili ko nababasa an blog mo. ;)

Droomvla said...

@Aristarkhos: Check again. I think there are two of you now. hehehe...

It's true what you said. Blogging is sort of an extension of writing to penpals back in highschool, except that the topic is soooo broad and diverse. :)

buday said...

You forgot (to mention) how we were "introduced".

Ahem. Mahisdalon ka sadto sa may drinking fountain sa Colegio and nabunggo mo an nag-iinom na si Buday. Ergo, nakaTAKMO ako, diyot pa mabungi. MWAHAHA!!!

Unforgettable ka talaga saakon. Niyan an blog mo masiramon pagpasyaran. :)

Droomvla said...

@Buday: Dili ko gud madumduman na gin bunggo ko ikaw intentionally. Anyway, sorry na lamang tabi. After pira kataon, na gin tago tago mo, nasabi mo na. Mayad man! HAHAHAHAHAHA