Friday, January 8, 2010


It's past midnight. I have a deadline, and as usual, I am cramming. lol Some things never change.

I am working on a project for a local museum. It's about the resistance during the Second World War. Yeah, it´s interesting for some, boring for others, and maybe too boring for those who can't & don´t want to relate. lol

Well, I actually like the topic. I learned a lot about my adopted hometown and the Netherlands in general. But most of all, I chose the topic because I, myself, like resisting --- whether it is for my innate desire for freedom, or just to play the role of a devil´s advocate.

I think we all love freedom, and to a certain degree, there is a resister in all of us.

This brought me to an unresolved dilemma which I can´t publicly discuss here. So I wandered far and away ... I was thinking, what is the role of resistance in our daily lives now? Do we still resist? Or do we just act unaffected and ignore what is going on? Has age and time cooled us down? ............... just wondering.....


Aledys Ver said...

That sounds really very interesting. It's actually the kind of research I would love to do myself. Maybe I will, here in Zwolle :o)
Talk about "resisting"! And to us, expats!!
Succes daarmee! (with your work and with resisting yourself!)


Droomvla said...

@Aledys Ver: I think I have an idea about what you mean by us, expats, "resisting". LOL My presentation went very well. Thanks very much. :D

Goodluck with your research as well. Try inquiring at the museum, maybe they have a job for you there! Would be nice.

For now, enjoy the weekend. I am kinda getting sick and tired of winter actually, and am now starting to hallucinate of the tropical sun. HAHAHAHAHA

Aledys Ver said...

Good to hear your presentation went well.
You are right - I might actually start enquiring around and see if I can do some research about WWII here in Z.
I left you some photos as per requested in my latest blog entry - check them out! ;o)
Keep warm!! (and you were dreaming of visiting the Patagonia?!)

Droomvla said...

@Aledys Ver: this ice age is really making me hallucinate now. hahahahaha can´t wait for spring! :D