Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ice Age.

Snow continues to fall, and the freezing condition continues.

In the years that I have lived here, I have never seen such severe winter like we have now. Everyday, I look out and feel the desolation. Newscasters emphasize that this is perhaps the coldest winter in more than 30 years.

Actually, I was hoping that the cold weather will only last for a week or so. But we have ice practically all around us, since the second week of December.

Last week, Dutch Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende said half in jest on national television that it would be nice if house owners will shovel snow and clear the sidewalks on all sides of their properties. He said that it is not compulsory but rather a desired behaviour of every responsible citizen of this country.

Meanwhile, my 7-year-old piano student Ramon, a gold medalist in ice skating and snow boarding, is extremely happy. He is enjoying every moment of this ice age... i mean, ice season. lol

As for me, I have noticed an abnormality in my shopping behaviour. I am hording whenever I go to the supermarket. Like there will be a food shortage or something. Hubby said that it's normal.

Let's just hope that this somber mood will be over soon, and I could go back to my afternoon walks again. :)


Anna said...

bagan kahagkot daw dida! didi ngani, wara pa ice grabe na an tarakig ko, hahaha!

happy new year, marissa! niyan lang ako naka blog ulit!

Aledys Ver said...

I've never seen so much snow or so much ice since I got here, either! It can be a pain to drive to work every day, or when you have to take the train and then the service is somehow affected by the ice or the snow on the railways... but everything looks wonderful! And there's also so much fun to be had - for the kids, in particular.
So, have you been clearing the sidewalks around your house? :o)

thamarai said...

Ah! I will be coming back next week and from 25+ deg here, the drop is going to be sudden for me. I am preparing myself, and definitely hope that the temperature drops!

Droomvla said...

@Anna: Hay salamat kay present ka na ulit didi sa blog land. hehehe Hulaton ta na lang na maka settle down sa new house niya si Buday.

Mahagkoton talaga niyan, nan pirme madulomon. Grabe ini. Payt ko lang an istambay sa kusina kay amo an mainit nan harani sa ref. LOL

Happy New Year man! :D

Droomvla said...

@Aledys: I don´t know if it´s always sunny in your part of the country, but here in our city, it´s always gloomy and somber. Luckily, the temperature is above freezing point today so the ice is melting. I like that! LOL

We have cleared the pavement around our house since the first snow fall last December because of my students (and not because we are dutiful citizen! HAHAHAHAHA). I don't want them to injure themselves in my own backyard. lol

Droomvla said...

@Thamarai: Well, the gods must have heard your prayers because the temp is up today and the ice is melting. lol

Yeah, brace yourself for the winter wonderland. As my Indonesian friend aptyly described it in her letter to me, from sandals and cotton clothes to boots and woolen clothes. :D

Aledys Ver said...

Well, the country is not that big so that we have different sort of weather, trust me... :o) It's gloomy and grey and dark here too lately. Today we did see some sun, though... nothing to get excited about, though.

Droomvla said...

@Aledys: I guess, you have a point there. But you know, we didn't have sun today. Just rain. Oh well,... at least the temperature is above zero and the ice is melting. :)

Jesusa said...

kaipuhan mo siguro magbakasyon sa maiinit na lugar, hahaha. happy new year!

Droomvla said...

@Jesusa: amo talaga. lol

buday said...

Make sure you "hoard" some hot chocolate. Or at least make champorado. The best of both worlds ka talaga sana, hehe. Kadianis.

Droomvla said...

@buday: yadi ngani, ga-elepante na san kakakaon. LOL