Sunday, September 21, 2008

Street musicians.

Being in Berlin reminded me again of the one thing that I am so passionate about, music. While my husband and I walked through this historic city for days, I can't help going into trance everytime I hear sound. Yes, anything and everything that produce sound fascinates me!

The musicians are so good, I even gave up a late afternoon tour to Pergamon museum, just to listen to this glass chimes player. He was extremely skillful, I stood there in awe and watched him with envy.

And then, there´s this other keyboard player. She made an electric keyboard sound like a baby grand piano. Her passages were so delicious, I almost cried.

I guess, this is the beauty of being in Europe. I get to experience music in every conceivable way. For them, music is quite essential. It is what the atmosphere is to the earth. And unlike non-western music practices, theirs is purely for enjoyment. It's like having a cup of coffee while munching on that French chocolate truffles.

I took short excerpts.... listen and enjoy their music.


Mel said...

i was impressed by the first player(i even thought it was you lol). i was looking intently at the instruments thinking that they were wine glasses and realized that i was right when i got down to your post.

Droomvla said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA While I have high regard for their musicianship, and admire those people who have the guts to play on the streets, I will disappoint you by telling you that I haven´t grown balls yet to do what they are doing. HAHAHAHAHAHA

But like I said, they are highly skilled musicians, masters of their instruments.... (something that I´m not because I´m a musicologist. I deal more with the scientific & analytical side of music).