Friday, September 26, 2008


When I was in grade 4, Ma put me in a public school. It was inevitable. I was driving the nuns at the Catholic school crazy. I hit one with a ball. I sneaked in their private chamber when nobody was watching. (It was there that I found out that they shave off their heads because I saw them without their headdress! What is it called anyway, the cloth that covers the head? A habit?? LOL) I went swimming at the school´s pool with my sisters, while waiting for our driver. In other words, I was a problem child. HAHAHAHAHA

So my parents decided that it was time for a change. There were only 3 elementary schools in my hometown then. And because I was behaving badly, I was put in the school were the poorest of the poor in our hometown send their children. The school where children go to school wearing slippers. The school where children line up for free bread during snacks. The school where children have to work in a workshop, in the event that their family can no longer afford to send them to highschool.

My parents probably thought that in that school, I will learn about getting along with people. That I will learn how to behave. That they will teach me to be a person. That I will realize that I behaved badly in my previous school.

That school is Burabod. And whether or not I have learned my so-called lesson, is still a mystery to me! LOL

In Burabod, I made a lot of friends and "enemies". They were all curious why I go to school with ribbons, black shoes, white socks, laced hankies, and trimmed nails. They were laughing when recess came, and I took out my hotdog sandwich & lemonade. They were all amused with my bag, my pencil case, books, and notebooks. I felt like a complete idiot.

But in Burabod, I also met Meren. We were in the same class. We instantly liked each other. We played some games together and danced in the same Dance Troupe.... climbed trees. ... ate pan de coco together......and dreamed about the future! Sometimes, she was at my place. And sometimes, I was at her place. She wanted to be an architect. I don´t know what I told what I wanted to be! LOL

That was back in 1977. We were in grade 4.

Thirty-one years later..... we found each other again. She lives in France. Happily married and has 3 children. She writes poems and takes lovely pictures. She looks gorgeous and has the body of a supermodel (I am so green with envy! LOL). We are catching up again.... giggling and being naughty again just like back in 1977.


Aristarkhos said...

I was born in 1977! Lol!
Nice story tho. Must feel good to know both of you are settled and happy.

Droomvla said...

I feel old, stop rubbing it in! LOL

Aristarkhos said...

:) I just turned 31. I wanted to share that feeling of "old". :)
how old are you really?
So you moved from the Philippines all the way to Denmark?
if you dont mind me asking...

Droomvla said...

Thirty one is not old! hahahahaha And I´m not going to dignify your question about my age, with an answer! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! I don't live in Denmark. I live with the cloggies. :)

Aristarkhos said...

The Netherlands? Forgive me for my ignorance... :)
And I should have known better than to ask a lady her age. I will go by what is on your profile then — 74.
I should be calling you Grandma then. :)

(Yea, 31 is not old but it can't help feel that time is just slipping by...)

Droomvla said...

Grandma sounds great. LOL

When was your birthday? Belated Birthday then. I guess that explains why you have all those food on your blog. You cooked for your birthday! :)

Anna said...

you never fail to amuse (and amaze) me, marissa! you sneaked into the nuns' chambers? must be some adventure, huh? and nag-swim pa sa pool that was usually reserved for special occasions ha ha ha! mayad ngani kay dili didto sa fishpond sa may library... ako nadumduman ko, nakaihi ako didto sa chapel ha ha ha!

di ko yata kilala si meren, but here's to more catching up sessions between the two of you, ke me pan de coco (and nutri bun?) o wara...

Aristarkhos said...

Thanks, Grandma. Was yesterday - the 30th.
Nope. Those pickles were not cooked at home. They were bought from a fair.:)
I haven't cooked anything in ages. Am spoiled by wife's cooking.

Droomvla said...

Menchie, dili ako kasakob sa bilang san nutri bun kay para sa mga malnourished idto. An nagdi distribute, si Tia Aster! HAHAHAHAHA

Nagswimming kami didto sa pool ni Ate. Wara man sin nagdakop sa amon kay nangangadyi ada an mga kamadrehan kay bandang 6 PM idto. HAHAHAHAHA

Idto na fish pond sa may library, an nadudumduman ko, nag o overflow baga idto kun nauran sin makusog. Gin dadarakop ta an sira. HAHAHAHA