Sunday, September 21, 2008


The Neue Synagogue, after it was reconstructed in 1988. This building showcases the history of the Jewish community in Berlin from the 1860s. It was quite a disappointment really. Also, you have to go through a thorough inspection for security purposes (very annoying experience) before you could enter the building.

The Rathaus (city hall) in Alexanderplaats.

The TV Tower´s sphere.

At Charlie Checkpoint. The crossing point between East and West Berlin.

The Brandenburg Tor and the famous quadriga.

The Berlin Dom, a Protestant chuch, conceived to be Berlin's counterpart of Rome's St. Peter´s Basilica.

The Reichstag.

Berlin Wall. I took this picture from the eastern part of the city. I imagined the wall to be much taller, but it wasn't. There are however so many horrible stories about people who died, trying to climb this wall to cross to West Berlin.

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