Saturday, October 17, 2009


It's officially Fall. It is windy, cloudy, and rainy. The leaves are falling. An elderly woman who lives a few houses away, was hanging her Christmas lights this afternoon.

Some have giant-sized pumpkins in their frontyards.

And ..... I am receiving weird sms-es and emails. Two went too far. So I asked myself the common question. What did I do now? They didn´t have the courtesy, decency and the humanity to say things to my face.

Until my retired music therapist friend Theo mentioned something about Fall today. In passing, he asked me if I feel somewhat depressed about the leaves falling, the downpour, and the dropping of temperature to minus 4.

I told him that I find falling leaves rather enchanting. You see, for me, they seem like dancing, fallen angels. They try to beautifully reach out for each other.... swirling, floating gracefully in mid-air... and in a way, these leaves remind us that it is okay to sometimes lose control.

I told Theo that in the Philippines, we always welcome rain because it´s good for the crops. A shaman from Kiangan, Ifugao once told me, that rain is nature´s way of purifying itself. It´s like tears he said. When we are sad, we cry. When we cry, we wash away all our sadness.

Theo however had something very interesting to say. He said that according to studies, falling leaves make people depresssed and drive some crazy. Apparently, Autumn is the busiest time of the year for psychiatrists and mental institutions.
I was surprised. I was not expecting that information.

But it explains some things. Those disturbing stuff in my mail box for example. Two acquaintances who are accusing me of neglecting our friendship. I guess, it´s true that we all need some help sometime. For awhile, I was starting to believe all their accusations. But I totally get it now.

I believe, Fall does not only refer to falling leaves, falling ripe crops, Thanksgiving, or Halloween. It is also actually related to the emotional dip that people go through because of all the uncertainties and fears that is linked to this season.

The melancholic weather and the possibility of a harsh winter do not help much either because we know and we are aware that somehow, behind those dark clouds.... the sun is not really shining.... that the coming of the cold winter is non-stoppable.

No wonder that we all feel sad to see summer go, and someone came up with a song that goes: it´s the time of year, when good friends are near....tryin' hard to find a quiet moment...Sharing love and joy..... children with their toys..... sadness fills my heart to see you go.


A Touch of Dutch said...

I like your interpretation of the autumn leaves & the season. I have grown to appeciate each season for the uniqueness each has, as a cycle, so it was great to read what you shared. I guess, though it's unfortunate in many cases, these cycles are the same for what happens sometimes in our lives. Hang in there. There are many good things awaiting your growth from the experiences around the corner!

Anita said...

Well, I think this autumn has been soft so far. I just do not like the end of January and beginning of February because it is extremelly cold. Sometimes it breaks my heart to take my children from bed when it is still dark and cold. And spring brings me hay fever. I prefer summer and autumn in Holland !

buday said...

I once read somewhere that October & November are the gloomiest months for people in temperate climes. The glorious colors of fall are gone and the Christmas/winter season is still a month away. Everyone feels sort of blah.

Is it still too early to play Christmas songs? Didi dili na kaya going into the Christmas spirit na. Maybe you should try that, hehe.

Aledys Ver said...

Nice post - I liked what the saman had to say about rain - I wish I could see rain more in that light when I am in Holland - most of the time I think it's a nuisance. But I also remember all the beautiful nature that surrounds me in the Netherlands; that wouldn't be possible if it weren't for the rain.
About autumn and depression, I have to say that I believe that it can affect people in that way. In my case, autumn doesn't have a bad effect on me but winter does, especially after the Holidays are over.
Greetings from Argentina! ;)

PS: Could you send me a message so that I can save your address in my laptop? Thanks!

Droomvla said...

@A Touch of Dutch: Thanks! I guess coming from Southeast Asia where we only are used to wet and dry seasons, gives me an entirely different perspective of the four seasons. I still recall what a joyous mooment it was when I saw and experienced snow for the first time! lol
Come to think of it... I have never really associated the cycles with what sometimes happens in our lives. That's a thought. Thanks! :)

Droomvla said...

@Anita: Normally, we get snow not until late November and then it goes away for awhile, and we have them again end of December till mid March. So yes, autumn in Holland is quite soft in that context.

I actually like all 4 seasons. But end of February till mid March is difficult for me as well. Life then becomes lethargic. I love summer too! The smell of barbecue evenings with friends... beautiful gardens.... the abundance in fruits and vegetables.... the blue skies with all those air ballons, gliders, etc... I miss summer already! lol

Droomvla said...

@Aledys Ver: Heyyyyy, hola querida! Que tal? lol I'm so glad to hear from you, and I feel so jealoused that you get to experience spring twice this year! lol

Enjoy your stay there, and have lots of FUN FUN FUN! ;)

Droomvla said...

@Buday: Christmas songs actually make me homesick. I miss the Philippine Christmas spirit, and I miss my family & friends there of course. So, I don't listen or play Christmas songs until December 23. HAHAHAAHA

I'm not depressed. I hope I did not give you that impression. But hey, thanks for your advice. Maybe I should try it some time. :)

Jesusa said...

summer is my favorite, what am talking about, it's summer all the time here, hahahahaha..

Droomvla said...

@Jesusa: Lucky you! :)