Monday, August 17, 2009

Minding one's business.

I got up early today... at 6:30 AM. That's early for a night owl like myself, who is restless and constantly moving around the house like a mad man afer midnight. My friends tease me about it, and call me a white witch. hahahahaha

But last night, I decided again (for the nth time) to go back to the morning rhythm and enjoy the sacred, early morning hours.

Hubby was already up by the time I got up. He was busy getting ready for work. I went to the kitchen and decided to boil water for coffee. Oh yes, I can't survive a day without a cup of coffee. It's not that I'm addicted to it. I simply can't go about my usual routine without a cup of good, strong, black coffee.

Years ago when I still used to smoke, breakfast is the best meal of the day for me because I only drink coffee and have cigar. But I stopped smoking 7 years ago, after being addicted to it for 17 years. Oh yes, I started young. lol

Anyway about this morning, after hubby left... I decided to take my laptop to the living room and check my mail from there. Normally, I do it upstairs, in our study room. But I was trying to wake up... and I wanted to hear good news from friends and relatives via e-mails, and NOT the ones you see on TV and make you wish that they have better things to say than those bloody, horrible things they show all the time.

I am getting sidetracked again. lol

As I was saying, I was enjoying the morning, drinking my coffee, reading the post of Grace... when I suddenly heard the sound of an ambulance. I looked outside the window. The ambulance stopped right outside our house. I was apprehensive to check. Who could it be now?

I waited... and then came another car. This time, the GP's car. A doctor in white suit rushed to the house of my neighbor who just moved in April last year, had a baby by July, and a divorce by December. I think the guy has a drinking problem. Anyway...

I looked around. I was happy to see that there were other neighbors looking through their windows too. But surprise, surprise... nobody went outside to check what was going on. Like me, they were simply looking out through their glass window.

This reminds me of a story. About a year or two ago, an elderly woman was found dead, lying in her kitchen, with broken wares around her. She was probably preparing a meal when the angel death came to fetch her. I stood outside her house, said a little prayer... and waited for her other neighbors to come out and say "goodbye" to her. Nobody came out, except for the mortician.. or was it the funeral director? I don't know. They were all wearing black suits. I can't tell who is who. But nobody from the neighborhood came... except for me, who was passing by, for my usual afternoon walk that day.

The thing about living in developed countries is that, in situations like this, people tend to stay indoors. They don't want to "pry" ... to show interest. It is as if, showing interest and being "compassionate" is unacceptable. Oh, and here's another thing. You are not welcome in the wake IF you do not receive a card from the family. How weird is that? Hubby said that it's not that they don't care. They do. It's just that there's really nothing they can do about it. He has a point, of course.

Here's another incident. One time, another neighbor had a baby and I wanted so badly to go there and congratulate the couple (I know the husband, and he had always been friendly to me). But my Dutch friends and acquaintances told me that I am not welcome there since the family did not send me a card, announcing the birth of their child. By neighbor I meant, two houses away from us! Pretty close, isn't it? Yet, no card.

Now, about this neighbor who was fetched by an ambulance just a few hours ago... my prayers and thoughts are with him. I hope that he'll be just fine. I really do. After all, he is only 26.


~Lopa said...

Ohhh ya i totally can relate to what you wrote, as i am from a country where you shout and all neigbours will be there to check is everything alright?
You have a fever and everyone will ask you everyday for weeks about your latest state and well being, sometimes its annoying when you want to be alone but sometime blissful making you feel you will never be alone or lonely ... !

Developed countries are different... all relationships are also so formal, for me most surprising adjustment was that you need to set prior appointment to hang out with a FRIEND !

Droomvla said...

What you said, is quite true. I come from the Philippines and it's basically the same. People are loud and they pry all the time.

There are good and bad things about it. But in times like death or grave illness (like being taken to the hospital by an ambulance), I think people should be there for each other.

Oh and about the appointment, you are so right. One time, I knocked at my neighbor's door for a little chitchat, and she blew me off and told me to first have an appointment with her. I was sort bummed about it, but got used to it. :)

BTW, thanks for dropping by. :)

Jesusa said...

kind of sad in a way, and unlike sa sorsi your business is everybody's business,LOL

Droomvla said...

Yup! Remember when we were in that salon and that lady next to me was all ears to our conversation. Di man ngani siya kaentra. hahahahaha

Jesusa said...

hahaha, basi nagagayunan lang sa beauty mo....

Droomvla said...

naki usyoso lang nganaton. hahahaha

Aristarkhos said...

weird. this whole thing about them wanting their space. i mean, how much space do they want? :oP
my german friend reasons that they are like this probably because of the colder climate. hehe...

My new neighbour's mom made it a point to ring our bell and grill me...well, she did do it politely but in a very nosy sort of way...who all live here, who are you, which son now lives across your flat. My other son lives in Amey-rica. I go there every now and then.
I was almost like, Wow!! Now get out of my space before I loosen my dog. :oP

Greetings, old thang! :)

Droomvla said...

Your neighbour's mom can make one hell of an investigator, and it must be really funny to listen to hear say, Amey-rica! hahahahaha

I guess, if you live in a densely populated place, it's better if people leave you alone once in a great while. You are freer that way. But like I said, it would also be nice if they are around sometimes. :)

Aristarkhos said...

Yep. Depends how accommodating/tolerant you are and how nosy they are. :)

Droomvla said...

True. lol