Thursday, August 6, 2009

knotting the knot.

My friend Candy is married to an English bloke. She had been married twice, and is now contemplating on getting another divorce. She claims being verbally and emotionally abused. And just last night, we spent hours talking about her problem.

I've been married for almost 8 years. Like any other marriage, ours is not perfect. We run into problems. Lots of them. Issues and disagreements mostly because of our cultural differences. Stresses and tempers. And many times, I thought it was over. Maybe, he did too.

However, we somehow manage to settle our differences. I realized that it's how we handle those inevitable things that defines us and our marriage. It determines how we grow as a couple. Learning and growing together is not always easy, as we all know. But it helps knot the knot, and build the foundation of our relationship.

Of course, I still get pretty upset everytime he pretends to be doctor when I'm ill, and would hush me for nagging him that I need a real doctor. I still get irked whenever he teases me about selling the house and moving to Rwanda. He still gets provoked everytime I badger him about his obsession, his experiments and projects; and how little time he spends on us.

Tja.... what can I say? It's our marriage, and it's imperfect.


cherie said...

welcome to the club! haha! good luck to candy (the second time around!)

Droomvla said...

huna ko kami lang an payt an dulak, may mga iba pa man palan. mayad man. hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

i'm still learning to agree to disagree. difference in a marriage is unavoidable.


Droomvla said...

True. I learn something new about relationship almost everyday. :)

Jesusa said...

hay naku, masaki lain an mag-asawa, pareho man, hahaha.

Droomvla said...

maski sa friendship, amo man baga. an pagkakaiba lang kay kun amiga mo, dili man kamo nagdudurogan sa kama. lol