Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fur coat, anyone?

We´ve all heard about fur farming, but do we really understand what it´s all about? Not me. I´ve always thought that those beautiful mink coats I see Hollywood actresses and socialites wear, are made from wild foxes, wild lambs, wild rabbits, and wild minks.

Emphasis on WILD. But raising these animals for fur production never occured to me. Maybe because we raised pigs and chickens for consumption when I was growing up. Or perhaps, I was just too ignorant.

But I was extremely upset after I saw a program on a Belgian television on fur coats. Accordingly, an American organisation that protects animals called The Humane Society, did some research on the fetal karakul lamb fur. They discovered that pregnant ewes are being killed 15 days before the natural delivery, just to get their unborn lamb.

The velvety skin of the fetus is valuable for the trade because it is mainly used for dresses and suits. Sometimes the ewes are slaughtered even earlier, 30 days before natural delivery. At this time the fetus will have a very soft skin which can be served as a swimsuit for rich people.

Imagine, an ewe and her young will only provide one piece of fur from about 30 centimetres. So one coat takes the live of about 60 animals! The lambs are so small that they hardly deliver any meat, they are just being thrown away as garbage after they are skinned. In China, they are skinned alive!

The minks on the other hand are gassed. This procedure is `humane´, they say. For me, it´s cruel. I don't mind if people wear these coats because they keep them warm. But to look good and to flaunt one's wealth? Farming animals primarily for fur and fashion? I think, it should be banned on ethical grounds.


Mel said...

Yup, I am for banning this fur farming. As an act of indignation against this inhuman practice, I will not wear fur coat myself. Promise yan - kadamo man sin alternative winter suit na pwede ko iconsider.

Aristarkhos said...

there are many such acts that humans do - not just for clothing/cosmetics/medicine (the kashmiri shawl or pashweena is made in much the same cruel way).
Even culinary delicacies come with their own inhumane baggage.
Ever heard a pig/piglet squeal before it meets its death with quick stab in the heart?
(u must have)

know what "foie gras" is and how it is made?
I read about how chickens were grown in UK poultry - boosted with growth hormone, squidged inside small cages, etc.

how about child labour, female infanticide, female circumcision...humans are the only ones who kill each other, torture one another and even eat each other.
sheesh we sure have it racked up against us on Judgement Day. :o/

cherie said...

kahadlok man daw ini.

maricel said...

Am not enjoying the cool, ocean breezes and downpours of heavy rain fur coat from any animal will do hehe..ka BAD ko niyan hahaha