Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Understanding football.

The Oranje lost. We lost. The desire to win and the determination not to be defeated has made a long journey. The Dutch is defeated and made an outcast, while Spain became the Reyes --- the unico hijo.

It is true that Oranje fought to dominate, control, lead, and protect its territory. Iniesta, Xavi, and even Puyol were, after all, trained by a former Dutch professional football player (said to be one of the greatest, who is known for his signature game, Total Football), Johan Cruijff. Of course, they will protect their territory .... their game against the clones.

What I have learned from this match is, man always wants to defeat the other. It does not matter whether he/she is a friend, a neighbor, classmate, or just a plain acquaintance. Man is bound to lead, control, and defend. It is pretty much like football.

Meanwhile, the fear of defeat and the desire to win made its debut on my facebook's wall. It actually took me by surprise. I thought the present day man is more sophisticated... more logical.

Then it dawned to me. The game was not really about who's the best. Victory meant that the Reyeses were able to withstand pressure longer than the Oranje. Was victory real then? How could it be real when the defeated was merely exhausted. When strength returns again, life will roll again on the field. The defeated will challenge again when the opportunity is presented, and this time they may be victorious and the winner may be defeated.

Believe it or not, this phenomenon happens everyday and everywhere, in the form of an argument or merely showing off. Meantime, there is no question of winning or losing because the real winner is Life itself. Why? Because it never argues. Life doesn't have the need to prove itself. It does not show off. It is merely a bystander.... an observer.


Aledys Ver said...

Disappointing, wasn't it? But I could clearly see a couple of days ahead that the Spanish were waaaaay more motivated to win than the Dutch.
One thing that took me by surprise, was the agressiveness of some Dutch players who showed quite the skill for playing "dirty" - something I'd never seen before in them. Unfortunately, the one player that didn't resort to it, Robben, fell victim again and again by the same tactics from the opposing team.
"La Furia" won, deservedly. And yes - ironically, they owe their lustre to a Dutchman - or a couple of Dutchmen, actually! :)
As we say in Spanish - "todo queda en familia" (It stayed within the family)

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Orangesplaash said...

Hey, I hope you are doing good. Just dropped in to say that you have just received an award from me and my blog. Hope you will like it!

Pinay in Dutchland said...

I was so broken hearted when they lost. I followed the game religiously, I cursed, cried and cheered with the Dutch, in my home, in the bars and in the streets. For two days, I didnt listen to the news.

But it made me so proud of the Dutch and hoped that the Philippines can have the same kind of experience.

Droomvla said...

@Orangesplaash: thanks! :D

Droomvla said...

@Pinay iin Dutchland: Me too! lol