Wednesday, February 11, 2009

tv talk.

I never liked television. For one, I grew up in a town frequented by typhoons and storms. In those times, cable tvs were not invented yet. We relied on anthenas that were often blown away by strong winds. And sometimes if we were lucky, we didn´t have electric supply for a month.

There are of course those days when we produced a cacophony of sound, trying to sing while Ma played the piano. And because there were five of us then, my parents saw to it that we had enough board games like chess, monopoly, word factory, stockmarket game, scrabble, games of the generals, domino, snakes & ladder, checkers, and later on, came boggle, pictionary, millionaire´s game, and even bingo! When it was full moon, we played outside with the other kids. It was so much fun.

So there was no reason to stay in front of the television the whole evening.

But nowadays and especially in winter, the only source of entertainment here (at home) is the television. I can't play the piano after 8 PM because the neighbors can call the police and have me arrested. Everytime I get bored of watching tv, I go online and surf the net or check my mail. I can of course grab a book and read. But that's what old people here do.

Besides, it is very hard to get hold of English books here. They cost twice the amount because you have to buy them online and pay extra for shipment. The ones available at the local libraries are romance, detective, and psychological thriller books. I´m afraid I´ve outgrown them since I graduated from highschool.

A friend suggested I enroll online and study a foreign language like Hungarian or Chinese, and I was thinking: am I that bored?

I guess what I´m saying is that, I´m tired of watching TV. lol


maricel said...

Yeah..complaints.. like social influence re: justice system, distorted values, decreasing metabolism, promoting political agenda..etc.. etc...

Aristarkhos said...

Hahaha! I hear ya. :)
Now I enjoy watching cartoons with my son, instead of the crappy local soaps. Love the History channel (apart from nat geo, travel n living, animal planet, discovery) is like Wiki TV for me. :)

But I too get saturated with all of that.
Man, you can get arrested for playing the piano after 8 pm? Weirdos. If the dutch/swiss police (i know about swiss too cuz my friend works in Basil. I heard they find even the frequent use of the flush too annoying.) were made to work in India or Phills, the jails would be overflowing. :oP

cherie said...

amo, dadakupon ka talaga san pulis?

Droomvla said...

Yup, they can have you arrested. But my neighbors are somewhat tolerant. In return, I also don't play the piano after 8 PM. Mutual respect, I guess. :)

Aristarkhos said...

true that. if were living in someone else's country, I would have to conform too.
I guess it must sound real loud there in the night -- I forget how quiet it can be in the evenings. Unlike here :oP
My upstair neighbours choose to drag furniture around at midnight. :oP

Droomvla said...

How convenient, dragging furniture around midnight! Why didn't you offer to help?! HAHAHAHAHAHA

Aristarkhos said...

very funny! :oP
something keeps getting dragged around...a chair or something. they are extremely rich, so i guess they have move some things around before they can get to the family vault. :oP

Aristarkhos said...

hey mel,
this is for your husband. I read about this in the paper yesterday.


Droomvla said...

Ate: nanu, nagpo promote ka didi na an TV decdreases metabolism? Hmmmm.....! hahahaha

I agree that it promotes so many things like political agenda, distorted moral values, women as sex obrjects, etc...

BUT tv is also a very good companion especially for elderly people. You can also pick up a lot of things from their programs. As Aristarkhos was saying, it is like a wiki TV. :)

Cherie: amo, dadakopon ka talaga. hahahaha

Aristarkhos: that must be really annoying. If I were you, I would talk to them and ask them politely to transfer their vault to Switzerland. lol

Aristarkhos said...

they do not understand "polite requests". I start frothing when i think about is midnite here...and the last thing I want to do is start thinking about them.
bad enough, that their son got married today. A band played terrifically loud music for over half and hour, while eunuchs and fat, gold-laden aunties watched.
The buildings this side, are close-set. The family opposite my window just lost their mom last week. they are still mourning, people still visit to offer condolences...and in the middle of that...this off-key band (you must have watchd in a cheezy Indian movie) coupled with 2 dogs barking insanely (including mine)...did not help to make them feel any better.
why are most of us not considerate?

Droomvla said...

I don't know. I guess, some people are just born rude and impolite. The thing is, whatever you do, you are in a lose-lose situation.

That's the problem with moneyed people who don't have breeding. They think they can get away with anything.

But when you think about it, it's just a childish game. People bullying each other. :(

Aristarkhos said...

Sigh...I agree...