Saturday, December 20, 2008


salmon mousse
Even this early, I am already stressing about our second Christmas dinner (December 26) which is traditionally spent with the inlaws.

This year, I am assigned to prepare the appetizers, and I am cracking my brain to find something pleasing to the tastebuds that will go with fondue. Yup.... fondue! I was thinking of salmon mousse or salmon amuse. But I'm not so sure. Because although it sounds a bit like fish and chips, I´m not quite convinced the salmon and cheese go together! And especially not for the traditional family Christmas dinner! So you see, I´m not exactly thrilled about the whole idea. Last year, our theme was Italian and I prepared the salad. That was easy. But fondue?

Fondue is basically our Filipino shabu-shabu counterpart, except that you dip the meat (bread, vegetables, etc) into the delicious cheese (or chocolate) mix instead of the regular meat stock we use for shabu-shabu. The recipes vary from family to family, and even from country to country.

In Switzerland, they eat fondue with Swiss army knives and prepare it with loads of goat cheese. In Germany, they use potatoes. In France, they dip French bread. But fondue originated high in the alps where farmers become extremely isolated during the winter months. Back here, people prepare it when they don't have the time to cook because you can always buy a pre-packed of fondue.

My mother-in-law however, mixes hard & soft cheeses, and white wine. It always tastes delicious.....! Most of all, it´s fun to do. Try it sometime with your friends and kids. :)


cherie said...

yummy! bagan kasiram sana! anay kay sa kapagalan ko, bagel lang kinaun ko kagab-i, gutom na ako!!!!

Droomvla said...

kaya man ka-sexy mo kay bagel lang palan an gin papanigab-ihan mo! Aber kay irogon ko ina na diet mo. hahahaha

rwidiani said...

i've never tried fondue before, but i'm a big fan of gourmet. lekker makkelijk!

Droomvla said...

Me too!! lol By the way, the kopi arabica bubuk your family gave me is ZALIG! :)