Friday, August 29, 2008

crucified kermit.

Reuters/Courtesy Museion Museum/Handout

A crucified frog holding a beer mug in one hand and an egg in the other, while its green tongue hangs out of its disgusting mouth. Yes, I know. It's tasteless ... it's a nasty sight..... and it's outrageous and offensive. Especially for Christians.

The Pontiff is troubled, and has condemned it. I would have burned it.

I understand why a beer mug and an egg, but a green frog? I wonder what the German scupltor was thinking when he made it. And why is its tongue hanging out?

An Art Critic (whose name eludes me at the moment) during a TV interview said, that even Michaelangelo and Caravaggio were condemned during their time for their rebellious art works. He also said that our generation is not ready for this kind of artwork because it is very much ahead of its time.

If I were a meter away from that critic, I would have slapped his face for saying such slanderous claims. How dare he compare the Crucified Kermit to The Creation (Michaelangelo) and The Crucifixion of Saint Peter (Caravaggio)?!!


Mel said...

this is sooo disgusting. the creator is no respecter of the sensibilities of other people. if he doesn't believe in christianity, why does he have to poke fun of it?

we are all entitled to express our sentiments, in whatever form we wish. we can disagree but continue to be disagreeable. but this is not freedom of expression. this is not even art. this is debasement of other people's faith. this is arrogance in its crudest form.

Droomvla said...

I know! It's also very disturbing and unsettling to know that such objects are being displayed in museums and are called "works of art".

Dapat igatong na lamang kunta, mapakinabangan pa an kahoy. lol

Anna said...

it's downright disgusting to even consider this as a work of art, as if "art" gives one person the license to offend another person's sensibilities.

mas mayad pa an barrel man san baguio, ano? :p

Droomvla said...

mas discreet kita, kaya hanggan barrel na lang kita. HAHAHAHAHA

maricel said...

MY GOD.. MY CREATOR Forgive this artist, For he knows not what he is doing!