Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Flight stewardess: wo would ye like to drink ma´m?

translation: what would you like to drink ma'm?

me: cola and a glass of water, please.

F.S.: wo tha be'yol?

translation: would that be all?

me: yes, thank you.

F.S.: sorry ma´m bah we don´ have cola. We do have coke howevah.

translation: sorry ma´m, but we don´t have cola. We do have coke however.

me: coke would be fine.

F.S. he's ye coke.... and woah right?

translation: here´s your coke ..... and water, right?

me: nope.... no woah for me. A glass of water would be nice.

F.S.: das wo I said. WOAH.

translation: that's what I said. Water.

Took me a few minutes to figure out what woah was! Of course, WOTAHHH!

Finally, it dawned to me that I was travelling to Bristol, south of England where people seem to have the habit of dropping few letters such as the r's and t's just like the French! Well maybe it's their French connection that makes them do it. hahahahaha!

This reminds me of my first trip to Augsburg, Germany. At that time, I was just starting to learn the Dutch language.

That morning, my husband made me promise not to just stay in the hotel and watch tv all day. He told me that I should try to explore the city, the museums, and malls. In other words, go out and see the world! hahahahaha

That was in December 2002, just before Christmas. I still remember hearing Stille Nacht (silent night) on tv in the background while I put on my thick winter coat. I am going to do my Christmas shopping today, I thought to myself.

When I got on the elevator, a decent looking guy in suit smiled and said to me `hello schat´ . I almost choked! I was uncomfortable with the over-familiarity. You see, the only person who calls me schat (pronounced as skhot) is my husband. In Dutch, schat means sweetheart or darling.

But I did not want that jerk to get the best of me. I am going to do my Christmas shopping today, I reminded myself again. Chin up and continue walking girl!

Germany in December (just like in other parts of Northern Europe) is grey, dull, dark.... why, even somber. People walk in strides and all seem to be rushing. They were polite but they don't smile. I noticed also that even females call me "schat". It was starting to get into my nerves. This schat business! I will not let them get the best of me. I am going shopping just the same. And yes, with a big smile!

You see, there's nothing like the German stores around Christmas time. They have all sorts of handmade stuff. From pudding, pies, sausages, hams, gluhwein, chocolate cookies candies in all shapes and sizes; to all those beautiful candle holders, wreaths, art deco vases, knitted socks & mittens, quilt hand bags, personalized Christmas cards, etc... It is truly an experience because everything is unique in its own. It's even hard to find two identical candies!

My shopping went very well. But on my way home, people kept calling me `schat` and it came to point where I almost slapped a man´s face. So much for the `tis the season to be jolly, fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la!`

When I reached the hotel, I locked myself inside my room and started to get really upset & angry. I concluded that everybody who said `schat` to me, thought I was their darling prostitute! They all think the same. Asians are all prostitute. That's what I said to myself anyway.

When my husband arrived, I embraced him and told him I can´t stay any longer in that place and I wanted to go back home that evening. He asked me why. I told him about all those people who thought I was a prostitute and called me their `schat`.

My husband started to laugh while I was fuming with anger. He explained to me that in that part of Germany, majority are Catholics and they greet people by saying `grüßgott` (pronounced gru-skhot) meaning, God be with you.

Wo-ah.... Schat ..... these are stories that remind me to always clean my ears before I travel! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


mel said...

hehehe. i can relate very well with your stories. canadians here tend to omit the word "t" in their language - but becomes bah, that becomes that, what becomes wha - which can be traced, you are right, to their french connection.

Droomvla said...

Dati baga na British colony, so I'm sure they share a lot of things togethaaa! hahahahahaha

Pero makunswelo talaga kun dili ka sanay! hahahahaha

tessa said...

katatawa ini!!!HAHAHHAHAH! Malay mo man baya ha?

Droomvla said...

@Tessa: Ay sus, sinabi mo pa. Malay! HAHAHAHAHA